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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Shift Dress!

Stella McCartney
 Originally, a shift dress was used as a smock but now it is a mode must! Shift dresses are the best! They can show off your legs while still keeping you away from the red light district! The way they move and fit is incredible! Tips on buying shift dresses is make sure it is not tight around the legs. That is the whole point it is supposed to fall over your body. This look was huge in the 60's and its revival is also very exciting! Shift dresses are as effortless as it gets! If you look at Magdalena in Stella McCartney it is so simple yet so so so powerful. Also the shape of a shift dress is already apparent, and while it might look like there is no shape to a shift dress, there is. The shape is the shift, the way that it falls on top of you. But a shift dress is not a shift dress with a belt, NO BELTS!

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